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Our Story

Carole Ferguson is the owner and founder of Honey Bunch Flowers. Carole is a floral designer who has a varied career past. Carole’s journey began in England where she began traveling extensively around the world as a business development manager and journalist in Europe, Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia.


It was when Carole was in Singapore and Belgium where her passion for creating beautiful floral arrangements began. With over 20+ years of experience as a floral designer, Carole views every floral arrangement as a work of art. Located in South Florida, Honey Bunch Flowers is made up of international, talented and skilled designers.

Each flower package we offer is highly customized for every one of our couples. Getting to know our clients is the key to creating florals that represent them. Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide our couples with a memorable experience From bespoke bouquets to simple floral arrangements, we use the best of both local and imported flowers from all round the world. From your first meeting with Honey Bunch we will be there for you until the day you walk down the aisle and marry the person you love with all your heart..

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